How to Have Nice Feet

A sure give away of neglect is our feet. For some women, it is the least of their concern. Having soft nice feet boost my confidence and it lifts my spirit, talk about foot fetish! Here are some tested ways of having fabulous nice feet.
• Use a pumice stone while taking a bath but make sure that your feet has enough lather as not to rub off too much skin. You can do it twice a week and only for a few minutes because over doing it can do more harm than good.
• When you are about to sleep wash you feet then rub your favorite lotion, wait for five minutes for your skin to be moisturized then rub some petroleum jelly all over. As you sleep wear some socks to lock the moisture all night. This may take a few days to notice any effects but it will also help minimize calluses.
• Your nails should also be well maintained. If you do not have enough time for a pedicure at a saloon you can give yourself a pedicure.
• Give yourself a foot spa. You can use a pail or any container large enough to soak your feet in. It is best to use warm water and splash some bubble bath lotion to make it a pleasant experience. You can do this while watching TV or doing your budget.

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