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If you are a woman in your mid 30s or early 40s welcome to the club. We live a hectic hassled life, particularly if you are a mother. We usually do not have time for ourselves because it seems everybody and his mother needs use. I created this blog when I finally had time for myself to surf the internet on the latest make up trend to make me look younger on the Internet and on YouTube. Behold, limited resources are open to our age group. There is hardly a website dedicated to cater to us. We are just a part of the article and not the main topic. There is also no cultural diversity; articles do not address women of different skin tones, body type or style preference. Yes we want to look younger but in a sophisticated way and not a trying hard middle aged woman whose make up look so outdated. Hopefully we can help each other and share information or products that you have tested and proven to be effective. We are not movie stars who can hire an entourage to maintain and improve our looks but we have each other. Cheers!

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I am a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate, did practice nursing for awhile but its not my forte. I did manage to be a charge nurse at the coronary intensive care unit. I worked for an International Pharmaceutical company handling dermatologic products, that is when my passion for beauty started.

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