MAKE UP TO LOOK YOUNGER I once read an interesting article that women have the tendency to keep using make up that was hip during their era. I realized that that part was true, I wear same color palette during the 80's or early 90's. So I did a research on the latest make up trend basing it on matured celebrities. Of course a good skin is desirable. Matured women should stay away from too thick or unnatural looking foundation, keep experimenting on the latest foundation and do not just stick to what you are used to. A good foundation should also have SF and it should be non-comedogenic because even at our age we can still get skin break outs. Learn to apply a concealer particularly under the eyes. Good mascara is also essential because it opens up the eyes. As much as possible stay away from using too much eye shadow during day time or under bright lights. It’s best to apply liquid eyeliner preferably brown liquid eyeliner. Choose light colored lipstick and apply lip gloss to make lips look youthful.

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I am a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate, did practice nursing for awhile but its not my forte. I did manage to be a charge nurse at the coronary intensive care unit. I worked for an International Pharmaceutical company handling dermatologic products, that is when my passion for beauty started.

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