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In my frequent socialization with women of this age group ( late 30s to 40s), I noticed that when it comes to skin care regimen there are two beauty regimens: extensive and then none! Some women fight back with all the resources they have to defy ageing and some just give up. Due to our age, skin renewal slows down and there are a lot of skin build up making our skin look dull and tired. I have used St Ives facial scrub for over a decade now during my 20s because it’s the only product that has helped control my pimples. I used to use the facial scrub for blemish control. Now I use St. Ives Apricot Scrub for sensitive skin because it’s gentle yet tough enough to remove dull skin. I use it twice a day because I have oily skin. A friend who has a dry skin type attests that she uses it everyday.

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